EUR/USD FUTURE 1.110455 15:00 26.06 USD/JPY FUTURE 101.6458 15:00 26.06 EUR/JPY FUTURE 113.5233 15:00 26.06 AUD/USD FUTURE 0.747256 15:00 26.06 GOLD FUTURE 1315.6659 15:00 26.06 BitCoin/CNY 4130.030 15:00 26.06 EUR/USD FUTURE 1.110446 14:40 26.06 USD/JPY FUTURE 101.6462 14:40 26.06 EUR/JPY FUTURE 113.5234 14:40 26.06 AUD/USD FUTURE 0.747257 14:40 26.06 GOLD FUTURE 1315.6669 14:40 26.06 BitCoin/CNY 4102.190 14:40 26.06 EUR/USD FUTURE 1.110453 14:20 26.06 USD/JPY FUTURE 101.6453 14:20 26.06 EUR/JPY FUTURE 113.5239 14:20 26.06 AUD/USD FUTURE 0.747267 14:20 26.06 GOLD FUTURE 1315.6665 14:20 26.06
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